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Residential / Commerical IT Support

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We provide friendly, expert support for your home computer on site, in office and via remote sessions.

Computer Supplies

We build customized PC, sell branded laptops and all-in-ones with guaranteed warranty and quality so you can continue your daily tasks with minimal risks of downtime, affecting productivity

Data Backup & Recovery

Get the right backup solution in place, with affordable, painless, automatic backup solutions to cloud or drive with reliable reporting.

Program, Mobile Application Development

We develop web programs, Android and iOS applications. From ideation, right down to the final release, we have a fine-tuned workflow process that brings out the potential of every project and creativity involved.

PC Maintenance (Repair & Troubleshooting)

PC Maintenance is required to prolong your asset’s lifespan. The computer does not know how to maintain itself, therefore its performance degrades over usage. In the event of downtime, our team is ready 24/7 to troubleshoot and salvage the situation in timely response.

Networking Solutions

We provide networking solutions in trend with the latest enterprise network market technology. These technologies include Ethernet switches and enterprise routers. We also work with your preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP), to understand the nature of your plans and to draw up an optimised solution to cater to your network.

Web Development

With the rise of e-commerce and the IoT (internet of things), your website is the face of your company in the cyber world. By covering your web strategies, designs, branding, and the development process into one package – the website can be made into the best salesperson you can ever hire!


Website Design

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Network Routing

AGB AMK Branch

AGB AMK Branch
AGB AMK Branch
AGB AMK Branch

AGB TJP Branch

AGB TJP Branch
AGB TJP Branch
AGB TJP Branch

Customized DIY Computers

Customized DIY Computers
Customized DIY Computers
Customized DIY Computers


Lemnos started this business since 2014 with the direction to help Residential Home Users and their modifications needs regarding PCs. We still stay true to our ground to this day catering to non-commercial users while expanding our operations towards commercial businesses!

As end-users, we know how frustrating to think about the quality, budget and waiting time to get a computer of your own. At Lemnos, we strive to put in our heart and soul into getting the best quality and also provide free-of-charge delivery services upon purchase of our computers.

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